The Woods in Amed Bali, 2015

A website about the travels of the Wood Family around Australia and around the world.

Instead of short trips overseas, we decided it was time to live in another country. In 2014-2015 we moved the family to Bali in Indonesia. You can read all about it on our Bali blog posts. It was a busy 2014 – as well as exploring Bali and nearby islands, we also made a side trip to Singapore, and spent a couple of weeks visiting the Philippines, USA and Canada.

Around Australia, our last great adventure was in 2008-09 when we completed a year-long road trip in a campervan with our one year old. We are now back in Perth, and planning another trip around Australia in 2016.

See more of our journeys and future travel plans, which includes where we have been, what we did and what we thought of those places, and where else we would like to go one day. There are also some of our travel photos and we have made some fun top 10s from our travel adventures.