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A West Coast Adventure, 1999-2000

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We left Perth, travelled north up the along the Western Australian coast into the Northern Territory, and finished in Darwin - our new home.

New Norcia Hotel

Day 1

Clare and I departed Perth on Boxing Day, 1999. Rob had already shifted all his gear to Darwin, but Clare had to pack up her life to live in another city. It didn't take as long as we thought to pack up the car (Clare's Telstar) - we packed all the gear into every nook and cranny. We were on our way to Geraldton by 10.30am. After an hour of driving we made a last minute detour to visit New Norcia for lunch. After a hot day's drive we arrived in in Geralton at 6pm. wild emu

Day 2

On our second day we drove 870km to Exmouth, via Carnarvon and Coral Bay. We had a short but excellent snorkel at Coral Bay. At Exmouth we stayed with a couple of our friends, Sheri and Scott.coral bay beach

Day 3

Sheri and Scott took us for a tour of the beaches around the cape, including another snorkel on the Ningaloo Coral Reef at Turquoise Bay. The water was so clear and you could walk out to the reef to see the colourful fish. Big Crocodile

Day 4

After a short rest yeasterday, day four of our journey was another long hot drive to Port Hedland, via Karratha. We saw some amazing dust storms and bushfires along the way. We camped at a camping ground jsut outside of town, and our tent was almost blown away by one of the dust storms!

Cable Beach at sunset

Days 5-7

Day 5 was a drive to Broome, where we stayed in semi-luxury at beautiful Cable Beach. We encountered here our first big tropical storm. We stayed three nights in Broome, including the big one, New Year's Eve. We celebrated the end of the 999th year of the millennium sitting on the grassed area above the beach listening to some local bands, and watching a superb fireworks display at midnight from the beach. It was a very enjoyable night. crossing a creek

Day 8

The 8th day of our journey saw us drive from Broome to Halls Creek. We had planned to stay at Fitzroy Crossing, but like a lot of the towns around here at this time of year it was practically closed down. lake kunnunara

Day 9

Day 9 saw us journey from Halls Creek to Kununurra via Wyndham. We stayed at an excellent budget cabin on the shore of Lake Kununurra, where we went for a canoe and swam with the saltwater crocodiles. crossing the border

Day 10

On day ten we finally crossed the border into the Northern Territory as we drove to the 'action town' of Timber Creek and stayed at our friend Katrina's house. From there it was only a small 600km drive to Darwin and home!