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Japan Food Diary: 13 May 2011

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We left Perth at 4 pm on 12th May, and travelled through the night to reach our destination, Kansai Airport near Osaka, Japan.

Airplane food?

Once we arrived in Japan at 7.15am the travelling did not stop, we still had many hours of train travel to do before getting to Takayama in the Japan Alps region. We had a stop over in Nagoya for lunch, as easy set menu of coffee and sandwiches. This lunch was white bread sandwich with ham and cheese toasted, a fresh wholegrain sandwich with egg, ham and salad. This food is so fresh. The coffee came with a 'creamer' liquid (occasionally it comes in powdered form, like on the plane and at the hotel) .

At the train station, we bought some 'ekiben' (sushi tray) to eat on the train. On the journey, Rob even bought an Asahi beer (cheaper than Australian prices!) from the trolley girl on the final journey to Takayama.

As we left the train station, our first view of the vending machines that will be providing a great deal of our drinks on this trip.

drink machine

The girl at reception recommended a great local Ramen Noodle bar fro dinner.

noodle house

A noodle broth with light soy sauce flavouring, included stalky mushroom, sliced pork roll.

noodle soup

Another dish of dipping noodles; cold noodles, which you dip into a more flavoursome hot broth with mushroom, seaweed, chargrilled fatty pork slices, spring onion, and a whole soft boiled egg.

another meal in Japan


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