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My USA Adventure - the diary

Day 1 : Next Day

Monday 29th May 1995

I sat next to a couple of guys on the 13hr, 1200 km flight from Sydney to LA. An example of the nice American. Can you trust them though? "Oh, my brother has been in jail for the last 6 years, but I'm a nice guy". I gotta send them a postcard from Perth.

When the taxi driver stuck his hand out for his tip, I wondered what he was doing. So I moved to shake his hand, but he jumped back mumbling something about don't you give tips. Well with shocking service like his I wont. The girls at Hooters will get a tip though.

Minneapolis skyline at sunset

Minneapolis is full of Dodge ute drivers. I keep looking at cars and thinking that there is no-one driving them as there seems to be no one in the drivers seat. I think I could handle driving on the right-hand side of the road.

I'm getting tired of repeating myself all the time. I'm getting tired of repeating myself all the time. Can't they understand English? Can't they understand English?

First night: Scary hotel like in the movies. Was very tired but couldn't get to sleep. Watched cable for a while, but nothing to watch except Letterman, which we get in Oz anyway. I woke early and started my bus adventures!

Temperature conversion between degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit:

oF — oC

32 —0

40 —4

50 — 10

60 — 15

70 — 21

80 — 27

90 — 32

100 — 38


Handy hint #1: if you get cable, get a remote.