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round-the-world in 2005

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Hong Kong

Dec 17, 2005

We only spent one day here in Hong Kong, but it was an action packed 24 hours. We have been to Hong Kong before, on a short trip in 2002. See more on

17 Dec 2005 Hong Kong, China

Smallest Room Ever
On our last morning in India, we made a couple of final purchases and had our final Indian meal. It has been six weeks in this country and we are glad to be moving on. It was a 5 hour flight to Hong Kong then an hour long airport bus into the city. We only have less than 24 hours on this stopover, but we are going to make the most of it and see some more of Hong Kong (we came here a few years ago on a short work trip). A guy from the hotel was waiting for us for an hour and was a little annoyed as it was past midnight. The room was the smallest we have ever seen - it still had a double bed and a bathroom, but little else. And the wooden bed is harder than any India 2nd class train seat. However, compared to what we have been used to in India, everything seems so clean and calm - a nice feeling.

Pink Flamingos

18 Dec 2005

King Kong
It was a regular start time on Hong Kong time, but very early on Indian time (which our bodies were still following). We wandered the streets of Kowloon on the Hong Kong mainland for a few hours, window shopping at the glamorous shops, a quick Chinese meal, and then we visited the very interesting Hong Kong city park (with it's pink flamingoes). It was only a quick visit to Hong Kong but an enjoyable one. We caught the airport bus back out to the airport with lots of time to spare.


next we continue our journey in Thailand.

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