Top-10 List: Our Favourite Galleries from around Australia

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This list is our own personal top ten Galleries we have seen in our travels around Australia, mostly from our 2008 around Australia trip. See also our favourite museums.

1. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne VIC

National Gallery of Victoria

2. Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria

3. National Portrait Gallery, Canberra ACT

4. Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

5. The National Gallery of Australia, Canberra ACT

Australian National Gallery

6. Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney


7. Museum of Modern Art, Brisbane QLD


8. Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth WA

WA Art Gallery

9. New Norcia Art Gallery, New Norcia WA

New Norcia Art Gallery

The New Norcia Art Gallery houses a large collections of religious art, including paintings by Spanish and Italian Masters, a real surprise to be found in rural Western Australia.

10. WA Shipwrecks Museum, Fremantle WA

WA Shipwrecks Museum in Fremantle

The Western Australia Shipwrecks Museum in Fremantle is a fascinating maritime archaeology museum, with a focus on the waters along the west coast of Australia. And as a bonus it is free entry.

* Galleries missing out on the top 10 are: Old Convent Gallery in Daylesford, Lismore Regional Art Gallery

* Galleries we would like to visit (and ones which would probably make the top 10 list): Museum of New and Old Art (MONA) in Hobart.

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