Our Top-10 List: Top Items for a Road Trip of Australia

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This list is our own personal top-ten items for a long road trip, taken from things we took with us on our travels around Australia.

1. GPS

We would be literally lost without this gadget. We wrote this list at a time of car-mounted Garmin GPS units, when google maps on mobile phones was not a thing, but it is still the same today. You can’t leave home without at least some for of GPS unit, usually in the form of Google Maps on your phone.

2. BBQ plate cover

Public BBQs are not always the cleanest, so a BBQ cover was very useful for covering other people’s mess and also making it easier to clean.

3. Pegless clothesline

Peg Less Clothes Line

No more broken and lost pegs, and the elastic and hooks makes it easy to attach anywhere. Being able to wash and dry your clothes anywhere was very convenient.

4. Bath mat

When using public showers, your own bath mat give you that little bit of protective barrier between your feet and the wet nasty floor.

5. Coffee plunger

You need coffee when travelling, and why not make it a good one. There are many alternatives to instant coffee, and we went with the plunger version.

6. Cotton quick dry towels

We made a great decision before we left to get a couple of lightweight quick dry towels

beach towel
A large beach towel ike this would take ages to dry

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