Our Top-10 List: Most Useless Items While Travelling Around Australia

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This list is our own personal top-ten useless things we took with us on our travels around Australia in a campervan. Some of these were there in case of emergencies, but we did not need them in a year of travelling and we probably would have coped fine without them if we did have an ’emergency’.


Useless Things

Stanley Knife — for cutting what? We had a pair of scissors. More useful would be a hammer.

Floaties — not a cool thing to wear at the beach, said our 1-year old. We agree, but if there were more pools at caravan parks then they may be been needed.

Book light — These are pretty useless anywhere. They don’t light enough of the page up, they cast shadows on the book, and you need another light on too.

Backgammon Set — we did not use this despite enjoying the game – we obviously had better things to do with our spare time. Usually, in the evening we are planning our next day’s adventures.

Bike Repair Kit — Thankfully did not need this, but probably something that we should have still taken.


MP3 player —  we would rather talk to each other or listen to the radio.

Cloth nappies — we took these for emergencies in case we ran out of disposables. We thankfully avoided that, as I’m not sure how easy it would have been to wash these while on the road.

Travel candle — a little candle does not produce enough light to be useful, not to mention the fire risk.

Trakka shower

Rear Shower on Trakka Van — van features we did not use: rear shower, swivel chair and extra table.

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