Our Top 10 List: Food Highlights of the World

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This list is our own personal top ten based on what we have seen and experienced in our travels. Eating has been a highlight of our travelling, and it has been a very hard decision to come up with this list of only 10. We decided to only include one dish from each country, and the list includes both staples that we found everywhere and could not get enough of and also those dishes we tried only once and have such fond memories of the experience.

Tom Yum Soup, Thailand

Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum soup is a very piquant clear soup, made with kafir lime leaf, lemongrass and galangal (Thai ginger which is milder than regular ginger root) as the base, then seasoned with spring onion and chilli. Can be cooked with prawns or chicken, garnished with basil and coriander.

Kushari, Egypt

Kushari Egypt

This was our favourite Egyptian meal. The fast food alternative, taking only minutes to serve. It consisted of a combination of macaroni, short noodles and rice, served in a small or large bowl with crispy fried onions, chick peas, black lentils and a tomato based sauce. Chilli and lemon juice are added to your own taste. There can be varieties with tuna and chicken. Absolutely delicious.

Gorditia, Zacatecas, Mexico

Gordita of Zacatecas

A speciality of Zacatecas, a round tortilla filled with hot spicy fillings and warmed on a hot plate. A very popular take-away dish for locals, as it is cooked up in only a few minutes.

Thali, India  

Curries Thali

This is a meal that dominates many restaurants in India. It is different all over the country with regional specialties. The basis of a thali is bread and/or rice served with a combination of curries, chutney, curd, samba and occasionally dessert. Great when you can’t decide what to order!

Baguettes, France  

Baguettes, France

Everybody eats baguettes in France, all the time! Usually filled with salad and meat or cheese. There are loads of great bakeries, called boulangerie, with wonderful products all over France. Banette is a little baguette, and a restaurant is a big baguette. Baguettes are eaten with every meal.

Gelati, Italy

Gelato in Italy

There is literally a gelateria on every corner. There can be up to 5 different sizes or scoop numbers in a cone or a cup. There is an unlimited amount of flavours, in creamy or icey varieties.Of course it is delicious and everyone, Italians and tourists eat Gelati mid morning, mid afternoon or any time!

Fresh Mekong Fish, Laos

Salted fish

Mekong river fish features on all menus as the big Mekong River flows right through Laos.

Weisswurst Sausages, Munich, Germany

white sausage

Germany is famous for its sausage, and the most famous sausage in Munich is the Weisswurst or white sausage. It is made with a real intestine with white sausage meat. The sausage is boiled and when cooked is sliced open for just the flesh to be eaten from within. The taste is quite mild and herb flavoured. Traditionally served with a Brezen, some sweet mustard and a frothy beer before 12 noon.

Rice paper rolls, Vietnam

Vietnam Meal

We ordered fish, as it sounded like a nice local delicacy. They said it may take a little longer than the other meals, but we were happy to wait. We were surprised when a couple of guys walked out from the kitchen and went to a little lake which was right next to us, wielding a net, and proceeded to catch our lunch. The fresh fish was then brought to our table a short time later, showing typical Vietnamese service, the waitress proceeded to roll up pieces of fish with some delightful salad and herbs in fresh rice paper rolls. Exquisite.

Cevechi, Central America


In Belize, with all the fresh seafood around, Cevechi was on every menu. It is a cold dish made of small pieces of fish, or conch, mixed with lime juice, tomato, capsicum, and onion, served with corn chips. Very refreshing.

* missing out on the top ten were: Fresh whole fish from Goa in India, French cheese, Mexican tacos, Spanish Paella, Falafel Burger from Egypt, Turkish Pide Pizza, Phad Thai from Thailand, fresh tropical fruit from Vietnam, fried spring rolls from Vietnam, Laap dishes from Cambodia and Laos.

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