Hunting Graffiti In Padua

in love with art

We love finding interesting street art during our travels. Previously we have posted about the stencil art around Ubud Bali, in Oaxaca in Mexico, and have explored the street art in Cape Town South Africa (blog coming later) and the laneways of Melbourne and even our home suburb of Mount Hawthorn. When we found out that Padua had some well-known street artists, […]

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La Dolce Vita

Italians love their sweets, and with three kids travelling around Italy, we had plenty of opportunity to sample many of them. Nutella Along with the Italian’s obsession with bread is also an obsession with Nutella! I know they invented it, but they really do take it to the next level, being such a passionate lot. […]

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Venice In A Day

Quiet Venice "street"

We only had one day to explore Venice, while staying in a town called Cittadella, an hour’s drive away.  Despite the cold and wet weather, we had a really great day. Even though it takes a little longer, we decided to take the train to Venice. It is much more relaxing than navigating the roads, it avoids […]

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