We were all pretty shattered when we finally arrived in San Francisco at 10 am Monday, just over 12 hours later than we were first scheduled.

Rob was shattered as much as anybody, as he forgot one of our bags on the baggage carousel. We did not realise it until we had left the airport. After a bit of running around, he still did not have it. It was either wait a couple of hours, or come back tomorrow night. Clare did not have any time to waste, so tomorrow night it is. We can pass through on the way to Allison’s house, so it may work out OK. The bag only had our extra shoes, so it is not something we are going to miss for a day.

San Francisco

The apartment we are staying in is in a very handy area, within walking distance to fisherman’s wharf. After a little relaxing time, and realising that we were not going to be able to sleep, Rob dragged the kids away from the TV to show them some of SF. Clare settled in to continue on her assignment (and have a nap to prepare for a long day and night).

San Francisco

Rob and the kids walked a block, hoping to get a cab to see the Golden Gate Bridge. After failing to hail one for quite a while, he decided that they could catch one of the passing cable cars. Once one arrived, the driver convinced us that it was not worth it for the short remaining journey. Oh well, back to the original plan of catching a taxi.

cold bridge

We eventually got a taxi, taking us from sunny downtown to the blizzard-like conditions at the bridge. It was a complete surprise. The bridge could be vaguely seen through the fog. We walked a short distance along it to be able to say we have done that, took a quick photo, and raced back to the shelter. Olive is very curious and wanted to go to the display and learn a little more about the facts and figures of the bridge, making me very proud.

San Francisco

We taxied back to Lombard Street, the most crooked street in the world. It was a challenge taking the pram down the steps alongside the windy road. We continued walking down the hill along Lombard Street which took us back to the apartment. We had successfully given Clare a quiet break and ticked off a few major sites. Now time to rest for another big day tomorrow, meeting Romeo for the first time.

San Francisco
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