Typical meals in Guatemala tend to be much saltier than anywhere else in Central America, and the food is already quite salty. Often restaurants have a `plato del dia´ or plate of the day, which can be quite a variety of things such as; rice, salad (not just cabbage) meat, eggs, refried beans, cheese and best of all the sweetest fried bananas.


These food notes from Guatemala were made during a week-long trip to the country in March 2005. These are just our food experiences and you may have a totally different experience depending on your budget, where you travel and where you eat.

Busy Markets

Some Guatemalan Dishes & Drinks

Eggs ranchero style – this means eggs fried with home-style barbecue sauce on top.


Burritos – In Guatemala, their burritos have a larger flour tortilla, served rolled with a hot vegetable, refried bean or chicken filling, and finished with a salsa or cream on top. This cream tastes like a mix between sour cream and sweet cream.

Mango Stand

Lemonadia con soda – this is a real lemon soft drink, made from lemon and sugar mixed with soda water. It also comes in an orange flavour variety.

freshly squeezed

Fruit – as with most places in Central America, there is a plentiful supply of fresh fruit. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice is a great start to the day. As always, be careful that they don’t add water or ice to the mix.

Chi chi markets

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