Things We Will Miss While Travelling

Our Top 10 List:

Things we miss about travelling

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This list is of things we miss about travelling when we are at home. These are our own personal top ten based on what we have seen and experienced in our travels.

What we miss about travel  
1. serendipitous discoveries we ran into a long lost friend from Australia while catching the tube in London
2. seeing new things every day
3. not having to go to work
4. doing things we don’t normally do we don’t normally admire architecture, but we could not avoid it when traveling through Europe. The same goes for history, which we showed no interest in before travelling.
5. experiencing different cultures It is not only the people of the countries you visit, but we met some very nice and interesting people from other countries at hostels.
6. experiencing different cuisine and trying unusual foods Before we went to Vietnam, we would not have believe we would be enjoying having hot spicy soup for breakfast every day.
7. the daily excitement of waking not knowing what that day may bring At some times on our big world trip, we would just about visit a country or explore a whole city in a day.
8. having complete control what you see and do each day  
9. meeting interesting people
10. the feeling of “I can’t believe I’m here”

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