Over the years we have been on lots of journeys, both at home and abroad. We have a few plans in the pipeline for future travel, though below is a list of many more places we would like to visit one day. It is probably not possible for us to do all that we list here, but it is nice to have dreams!

International Wish List

Gilli Meno Boat Cruise

Here are some of the destinations around the world we would like to visit. The more places we visit, the longer this list becomes!

  • Ireland
  • Scotland and Wales (Rob missed Scotland last time, and has family connections there.
  • Scandinavia region: Denmark & Sweden (Stockholm)
  • Croatia
  • Peru, we particularly want to hike to Machu Picchu.
  • Samoa
  • Brazil, including Iguazu Falls.
  • Hawaii
  • Central Africa
  • Papua New Guinea / Port Moresby
  • Russia
  • Bolivia – Salar de Uyuni, the world largest salt plain
  • Easter Island (Rapa Nui) – actually part of Chile, and not easy to get to.
  • Bhutan
  • Tibet
  • Myanmar
  • Jordan – Petra!

Where would we go back to?

  • Italy
  • Thailand (oh the food!)
  • Scotland (Clare went without Rob)
  • Nepal (Rob to take the rest of the family and do some trekking!)
  • Spain: to see Alhambra, Basque country
  • Lombok (for a family snorkeling trip)
  • South Africa

Australian Destinations Wishlist

We have travelled extensively around Australia, but there are still many places we would like to visit. This is our Australian wish list – places we would still like to visit closer to home.

  • Lawn Hill National Park, Riversleigh
  • Fraser Island, QLD
  • Christmas Island
  • Exmouth – Swimming with the Whale Sharks
  • Big Golden Guitar Tourist Centre, Tamworth, NSW.
  • Hobart’s Museum of Old & New Art
  • Kimberly & Gibb River Road
  • Thursday Island in Torres Strait
  • Carnarvon Gorge NP
  • Australia Zoo
  • Cape York

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