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waterhole swimming
NT waterhole

Camping at Kakadu National Park

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Rob and Clare - 2001

We went camping with a group of friends. Kakadu is about three hours southeast of Darwin. We camped out for three nights, staying at a caravan park and the associated luxuries (showers, shops, bar, pool and restaurant!).

The next two days we saw some absolutely spectacular sites, and discovered some beautiful, secluded spots for swimming. After walking for an hour through dry bushland, any water hole would look very alluring! Due to the prolonged wet season up here, many of the spots were not able to be reached as roads were closed. Luckily for us the other guys owned four-wheel drives and so we still able to visit a few places.

On the last day we explored more of the National Park. We went on a cruise along the Yellow Waters and witnessed some crocs and plenty of bird life. Then we visited some Aboriginal rock art sites.

We are hoping to go back again soon, during the dry season, when most of the roads will be open, and there will be so many more places to visit. Then we won't get wet at all, and maybe the mossies won't be as bad either! The dry season - no more raining days, humid nights and mouldy clothes, but also no more spectacular thunderstorms and sunsets.

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