As a family that loves to travel, we have been on many journeys over the years, both at home and abroad.

Here is a list of diaries and trip summaries from many of these journeys. You can also see a simple Travel Timeline of where we have been and when. As a couple, we started our travel journey with a month-long trip to Vietnam, which cemented our travel bug. A couple of years later we packed up our lives and took off for a year travelling around the world, and many years later have now ticked off over 40 countries, and our kids about 30 too. We would love to visit more and plan to do so. Where to next? Well, we have a  Bucket List, but we are prone to change our plans at the last minute. It’s the only way to travel.

Paddling in the Mekong
Paddling the Mekong in 2001

We have made records of many of our trips, sometimes with detailed diaries, and at other times just a brief summary, some photos or a list of destinations, available below. See also our Food Diaries.


  • Australia – a list of our diaries and photos from our trips around Australia
  • Thailand – in 2006 as a couple where we visited Bangkok and Chang Mai, and as a family to Phuket in 2019
  • New Zealand – 2 week trip in 2019.
  • Sri Lanka – 2 weeks in 2018.
  • Japan – 2-weeks in 2011.
  • Vietnam – from our holiday in 2001.
  • Mexico – a couple of trips in 1995 and a month in 2005.
  • Indonesia – we have visited Bali quite a few times, including a stint for over a year.

Extended Trips

  • Round the World – Daily diary entries from each country on our round-the-world trip in 2005, including Central America, USA, Europe and Asia.
  • Europe 2017 – a selection of posts from our 3-month holiday
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Visiting Sydney in January 2017