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Chinese tree
old tree in the park

China Diary: 2013

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Day 2: Saturday, 25th May

A Quiet Stroll to Jingshan Park

After last night's adventures with China Southern airline, we were not in the mood for a big sight-seeing day. Fortunately we had factored into our itinerary plenty of extra time, so there is no rush to go and do things. A quiet day is what we all needed.

view of forbidden city from above
view of forbidden city from above

We all had a sleep in, but that was probably still not enough to catch up. Jetson has a bit of a fever and Casper a cough, probably effects of such a stressful, long and tiring journey yesterday. We don't want sick kids to disrupt or holiday.

We were recommended a restaurant nearby which was excellent. Then we walked to Jingshan park, just behind the forbidden city. We took turns walking up to the top of the hill for 360 degree views of Beijing, including a great high view over the Forbidden City, where we will be tomorrow. There was no grassy area to relax on the park, which we were expecting, it was mostly paths and trees.

our local noodle meal

It is quite warm and humid here in Beijing, which will take a few days to get used to. The double seater pram was well used, even by Olive. We need to keep juggling the kids in and out of the pram so they do not get too tired. They is always lots of walking involved with our sightseeing.

We walked back to our hotel and soon realised how late it was. We were directed to a local noodle place, and got the girl at the front desk to write down her suggestions for dishes to buy, which was essential as all the menu was in Chinese. It is a struggle to get the kids to try different things, looks like they may be hungry for while. 

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