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round-the-world in 2005

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Aug 25 - Aug 28, 2005

A real surprise country - beautiful small capital and stunning lakes area.

Slovenia capital

25 Aug 2005 Lujbijana, Slovenia

New country, new money
We caught one last water bus ride to the train station before our journey to the Slovenian Capital. The hostel we found was very cheap, but equally very average, untidy and unclean. We took a stroll to see the main cathedral and the dragon bridge. We also visited the main square of town which seemed to be a very happening place with a hive of activity, despite the on and off rain. There was a DJ playing with some street bars and eateries. Here we tried some very interesting local cuisine.


26 Aug 2005 Lujbijana, Slovenia

Free shirt
As much as our hostel is dirty and cheap, they supplied a great buffet breakfast to start the day. So we took our time because it was raining again. As the rain eased off we walked the steep hill to the overlooking castle and learnt some Slovenian history. Rob scored a free t-shirt from the tourist office for sparing some time for a survey. In the afternoon we went to the quality Museum of Modern Art, filled mainly with the work of local artists. In the evening after some dinner, we watched a brass band and singing pianist play in the main square.


27 Aug 2005 Bohinj, Slovenia

The other lake
As we couldn’t find accommodation in our desired destination of Bled, we decided to go to Bohinj, a near-by town with another lake also set in the Julian Alps of Slovenia, but is less touristed. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise - the lake and its surroundings are beautiful. We made the circumnavigation of the lake, with a side trip to a gushing waterfall. The rain cleared for us to make it a splendid afternoon. Our accommodation was a delightful bed and breakfast cottage, with a few cows living in the lounge room. We had dinner in a local restaurant, where Rob ate some local lake fish, and Clare had soup - as her tooth was playing up.

Clare rowing to the island

28 Aug 2005 Bled, Slovenia

Row, row, row your boat
We enjoyed breakfast on the balcony of our little village cottage, while watching the rain come down. We mistimed our bus and had to wait two hours for the next one to Bled. We always work out that it is Sunday when the scheduled bus doesn’t turn up! Our late arrival in Bled was fine though, as the rain eased up and we still had time to walk around the lake, and up the steep cliff to the amazing location of Bled castle, which overlooks Bled lake. The lake has a wee island in the centre and Clare rowed Rob, due to his strained back, to the island to visit the church that fills the whole thing. On our way home we stumbled across an ice hockey game, which happened to be the final, and was a pretty exciting game.


next we catch a train to Hungary.

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