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round-the-world in 2005

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Aug 29 - Sept 5, 2005

We stayed longer in Hungary due to an injury, but it gave a longer to appreciate this underrated country.

Eiffel train station and tram

29 Aug 2005 Budapest, Hungary

True travel
Today really was a day of travel. After another quality hostel breakfast in the town of Bled, Slovenia, we took the bus back to Lujbijana, then the train to Budapest, via Croatia, which took 8 hours. On arrival in this big city, we were supposed to catch the metro then a tram to our hostel, however, we didn’t have enough change, none in fact, to buy a ticket that late at night, so we ended up walking the two or so kilometers there, which was fine in the end. It was a full day excursion and luckily we had just swapped some books so we had plenty to read.

Old columns

30 Aug 2005 Budapest, Hungary

Hungry in Hungary
Our first mission today was to get to a doctor and a dentist to cure all our pains. First stop the dentist - Clare’s tooth ache was the result of a wisdom tooth growing at the wrong angle. So it got taken out there and then. Oh boy and ouch that hurt, luckily the pain medication works. Unfortunately I couldn’t eat anything for 4 hours though, and after no dinner last night and no breakfast this morning, I was pretty hungry already! Rob’s doctors appointment was delayed till the late afternoon, giving us time to find other accommodation as our hostel was fully booked. Although it meant Rob had to put up with the pain for a bit longer. The doctor prescribed some medications and ointments, which hasn’t seemed to have helped so far.

City view through the arches

31 Aug 2005 Budapest, Hungary

For better or for worse
Clare is felling better today, only with medication, and Rob is feeling worse. We tried to take it easy today. We posted a box of goodies home to mum Reilly, which took all morning, then had an afternoon nap. We went for a walk in the afternoon to see the beautiful parliament house, we crossed the Danube River over the Chain Bridge and up to the Buda Palace, which gave lovely views of the City.

Famous faces

01 Sep 2005 Budapest, Hungary

Today Rob stayed in bed all day as his back is giving him grief. We thought full relaxation may help. Clare did some touristy things by herself. She visited the City Park, which has some amazing buildings and castles amongst some beautiful parkland, which is well visited by the locals. There is a lake in the centre, which is just behind one of the castles, and in winter is frozen over and used as an ice skating rink. The park also contains Hero’s Square which has a wonderful monument with Archangel Gabriel, flanked by one glittering, and one other building which contain art museums. There was also a wine festival being held in the park, however, I didn’t want to go wine tasting while rob was bailed up in bed!

Hot pool

02 Sep 2005 Budapest, Hungary

Rob had an appointment with the physio and then with the specialist. The physio gave him some exercises to do while the doctor gave him some drugs to take. It seems that staying in bed all day is no the right treatment. The advice was to go to one of the local public spa baths, of which their are many in Budapest. So we took that advice and spent some time relaxing in the natural thermal pools. The pool is contained in a fairly new building built in an old style which has an open area in the centre, containing statues, several thermal pool (at 36-38oC) with great jets and spas, a sauna, massage facilities and a cafe. The back is feeling a little better.


03 Sep 2005 Budapest, Hungary

Rob continued his treatment and went to the spa again today to try and relax his back. Meanwhile Clare got out to see a little more of the town. There is a Citadella or fort on top of a hill across the river. Taking the long hike up through the bushland she discovered beautiful views of the city and Danube river. There is also a massive bronze statue of a lady holding a branch which sits on top of the hill looking over the whole town. We have stayed here a lot longer than expected and are seeing a little more than the average tourist, getting a real appreciation for this town.

Hot spa

04 Sep 2005 Budapest, Hungary

Clare joined Rob again today for a visit to a different spa bath, Gellert, which is based at a hotel in a gorgeous old building, containing mosaics and statues and carved pillars around the pools. A great way to relax. Today we also tried some of the local food specialties, including Hungarian goulash, which is actually a soup not a stew as we had imagined.

Hungarian parliament

05 Sep 2005 Budapest, Hungary

More treatment
Clare ran some errands today and did some shopping. Rob had an another appointment with the physio, and the massage therapist, which took most of the afternoon. We took some time to plan our next steps, as it is time to move on.


next we catch a train to Austria.

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