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round-the-world in 2005

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Dec 18 - Dec 19, 2005

This is only a short stay in Thailand as we will be coming back twice more during this trip. To read about our returns to Thailand, read here and here.

Breakfast dishes

18 Dec 2005 Bangkok, Thailand

King Kong

We arrived in Bangkok at 6pm, got on the wrong bus (we will blame the Lonely Planet guide directions), then gave up and took a taxi into ‘Siam Square’. The driver did not believe we could get a place for 400 Bhat ($10) in the city, but we found one no problems. It is a great central area to be in - we found a nice Thai meal before bed. A quick sampler of the great food Thailand has to offer.

Temple spires

19 Dec 2005 Bangkok, Thailand

Taste Explosion

We started the day as most locals do with some noodle soup for breakfast. We took the modern skytrain to the river, then onto a water taxi upstream to visit the Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha (actually made of jade and very small). Everything seems to be made of gold, and the Thai style of temples are everywhere with pointy roofs. The Thai king, the longest reigning monarch in the world at 58 years, still lives here. We had another local meal for lunch, and Rob had a shave. He is getting lazy and would rather spend a dollar and get someone else to do it for him! We dropped into the Jim Thompson house, just near our hotel, a beautifully maintained old Thai teak building. Bangkok is supposedly very busy and full of hustle and bustle, but maybe because we have come from India, the king of hustle and bustle, we have not noticed it.

next we continue our south-east Asian exploration in Cambodia.

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