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Our Villa at 30 Jalan Sandat
Our Villa for three weeks

Bali Diary: 2012

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Day 1: Thursday, 28th June

We rose much earlier than we would have liked, a 4am alarm, 4.45am taxi, 5.20am check-in and 7.20am flight from Perth Airport to Denpasar Bali. The inflight entertainment was a blessing as usual to occupy the kids, but it was still a long draining flight keeping them all occupied and happy. Our driver Made was waiting for us with a huge grin. The journey to Ubud took longer than expected from the airport, 1.5 hours, as we had to do a detour around a cremation ceremony, which are going on around here this week.

The villa we are staying at is on Jalan Sandat, 300m along a narrow lane off the Ubud main street, and hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud. Ketut and her crew met us and showed us around what will be our home for the next three weeks, a balianese style villa. It looked bigger than the photos we saw online, but is still only two rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and an outdoor lounge / dining room. Keeping the kids from falling into the pond is going to be a challenge. After a swim in our kiddy poll (there is also a short lap pool) we headed back down our lane to Lada Warung, a basic cafe that was recommended by our driver.

Olive at Lada
Lada Restaurant - our first meal in Bali

It was a long and tiring day - we all needed a good sleep. But that was not going to happen. Casper struggled trying to sleep in a different bed (we have brought the portable kinder-kot), so we took turns throughout the night trying to settle him. There were also noisy animals keeping us awake including dogs racing through the house. I am sure it seemed like a great idea to have a decorative pond around the house, but it did not seem that way in the middle of the night when the croaking frogs kept us awake. When they were quiet the dogs barked, some animal ran along the roof, and eventually the roosters crowed. Time to get up. Jetson fell out of bed too. He usually sleeps with a bed rail all around the bed. We’ll have to rig up something to keep him in.


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