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round-the-world in 2005

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Sept 6 - Sept 8, 2005

Only a short stopover in Austria - we will be back later.

white house

06 Sep 2005 Vienna, Austria

Record visit
We had an early departure from Budapest. It has been the longest stay in any one town for us, Understandably though! We caught the train to Vienna and arrived at our hostel in the early afternoon, leaving Clare some time to get a feel for the new town while Rob rested. Clare took the long walk into town, passing the Opera House, which wasn’t that special. Walking through the busy touristed streets lined with fancy restaurants, to St Stephen’s Cathedral. The exterior has a huge Gothic tower shadowing the whole square, while the inside columns are also an amazing example of Gothic architecture. Heading back home viewing some of the main attractions, but saving them for tomorrow. Late afternoon, both of us ventured out of town to the famous Viennese family, the Hapsburg's ‘summer residence’ Shloss Schombrunn, a huge palace with massive manicured gardens, spectacular, and relaxing for an evening stroll.

parliament house

07 Sep 2005 Vienna, Austria

Mozart Mania
Rob was booked in for another physio appointment near the hostel, of which after he went home for some more rest. Meanwhile Clare headed to see some more sights. First was another huge royal palace on the outskirts of town, Schloss Belvedere, where the building was a little more interesting, but the gardens not as impressive. Back towards town, a visit to the gorgeous St Charles Church with intricately carved twin columns, and a pond in front, before stumbling across some colourful food markets. The main attraction Hofburg Imperial Palace, which was the winter residence for the Hapsburg's. It was not so much a home but a massive complex of buildings, sculptures and fountains, containing lots of museums. This is where the Spanish Riding School is held and the famous Vienna Boys Choir hold there concerts. This whole town is full of amazing beautiful buildings, often symmetrical, and very grand. You can tell this town has been very wealthy for a good part of its history. It is also a city of rich musical culture, the birthplace of Mozart and other famous composers. There are often Mozart look-a-likes in the streets trying to sell tickets to concerts.


08 Sep 2005 Vienna, Austria

Back Crack
Both of us went into town today, Rob for his first look at Vienna, and all its beautiful buildings and gardens. Clare went to the Museum of Fine Arts which contains the art collections of the Hapsburg's. We took Rob to another back specialist, where he got some more drugs and a bit of a back cracking! Hopefully this will work. We went out to try a Vienna specialty, traditional Wiener schnitzel and chips, for dinner.


next we cross into Poland.

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