Australia is well known for its big things, larger than life objects scattered across the country, and our home state of Western Australia has its fair share of them. Here are images of those that we have visited, and a list of those that are on our wish list. You gotta collect them all! Also, check out our full list of Australian Big Things.

[updated in September 2021 with the addition of the Big wheelbarrow and Big Banana]

King Neptune, Two Rocks

King Neptune

You don’t have to venture far from Perth to find something large and ancient. Only an hour north of the city in the coastal town of Two Rocks is this giant statue is basically all which remains of the abandoned Atlantis theme park, though our Percy Jackson fans were disappointed it was Neptune not Poseidon.

The Big Crocodile Head

Big Croc Head Broome

This big crocodile head is the entrance to the Broome crocodile park, located on the road out of town. Unfortunately, it is just the head of the animal. Inside you’ll find plenty of live (regular size) crocodiles.

The Big Cricket Bat, Narrikup


The Big Cricket Bat in Narrikup, Western Australia, is worth a stop for the cricket-loving and big thing loving families. There is also a fence made from cricket bats. There are 491 bats in total (yes, we counted them all).

The Big Numbat, Williams


This Big Numbat in Williams, Western Australia, is not as big as it looks. At just over one metre tall it is still much bigger than the real thing, the state animal of WA (no, it’s not the quokka)

The Big Wheelburrow

Big Wheelburrow Port Hedland

The big wheel burrow is in the outskirts of Port Hedland in the north of Western Australia.

The Big Banana

Big Banan Carnarvon

The big banana in Carnarvon, on the west coast of Australia, is no match for the more famous Big Banana at Coffs Harbour found over the east.

The Big Periodic Table, Joondalup

Big Periodic Table Joondalup

This Big Periodic Table, at 660m2, is the world’s largest. It is located at the Edith Cowen University (ECU), Joondalup campus. Head to the science area (building 19) and you can’t miss it.

The Big Numbat, South Perth

Big Numbat South Perth

The Big Numbat is located on the South Perth foreshore, at the end of Mends Street. It provides an undercover walkway to the ferry terminal. There is another big numbat in Western Australia, much further south of Perth in Williams.

The Big Frilled Neck Lizard, South Perth

Big Frilled Neck Lizard South Perth

The Big Frilled Neck Lizard is located on the South Perth foreshore, at the end of Mends Street just in front of another big thing, the Big Numbat. It is part of the undercover walkway to the ferry terminal.

The Big Orange, Harvey

The Big Orange is situated in Harvey, about an hour and a half south of Perth. The large orange is resting on a 10-metre tower, among the orchards of Harvey Fresh, at the Harvey River Estate. You can climb up to a viewing area inside the orange, with entry donations supporting the Telethon charity. Inside you will find lots of information and images about the history of Harvey.

The Big Dog, Corrigin

At Corrigin, Western Australia.  This large dog was built to commemorate the world record 1,527 ute convoy of 2003. Not sure what a dog has to do with it – they should have built a large ute.

The Big Marron, Denmark

Map the Miner

This giant marron can be found out the front of Old Kent River Wines and Marron, in the south-west of Western Australia, close to Denmark.

The Big Western Rock Lobster, Dongara

Big Lobster

The Big Western Rock Lobster is located on the corner of the Brand Highway and Moreton Terrace in Dongara-Port Denison, Western Australia.

The Big Marble, Geraldton

Big Marble

The Big Marble (our name) is a water-filled sphere located on the coast in northern Geraldton, Western Australia. It is really fascinating to walk around it and observe the scenery inverted in the sphere.

The Big Camera, Meckering

Go through the lens of the big camera in Meckering in Western Australia and you enter, surprise surprise, an old camera museum.

The Big Ram, Wagin

Giant Ram in Wagin

This giant ram is in Wagin, Western Australia. Not to be confused with Goulburn’s Big Marino. Unfortunately, you cannot climb inside this one like its eastern state’s cousin.

The Big Whale, Eucla

A whale by the side of the road in Eucla may seem out of place here, but a short drive will get you to the coast for some whale watching. As was pointed out by my children, it is not really a ‘big thing’ as the whale is smaller than life-size.

The Big Humpty Dumpty, Carnarvon

Big Humpty Dumpty

The Big Humpty Dumpty is looking a little worse for wear. It is located in Carnarvon, sitting outside an abandoned fruit farm on the outskirts of town.

The Big Crocodile, Wyndham

Big Crocodile

The big crocodile in Wyndham, in the north of WA.

Big Red Chair, Perth

Big Red Chair Perth

This big red chair seems more like a publicity stunt than a genuine ‘Big Thing’. It is located outside of the Pan Pacific Hotel in Perth city.

The Big Kangaroo, Border Village

Big Red Kangaroo

This one is at the SA/WA border village, and is technically on the South Australian side. In this area you will see plenty of dead kangaroos by the side of the road while crossing the Nullarbor, but nothing as big as this. So do you stop at this or drive a few km down the road for the Big Whale at Eucla?

Wow, that’s a lot of big things, and we have seen all of these. However, there are many more to be found as you travel around Western Australia. They are sometimes hard to find, which is surprising as they are so big!

Here are others on our wish list:

  • Giant Western Rock lobster in Mandurah.
  • Bremer Bay’s Big Snail.
  • Exmouth’s Big Prawn in Learmonth.
  • Kalgoorlie-Boulder region is the proud home of the self-proclaimed world’s tallest bin.
  • The Big Mushroom. You can find this in the gardens of the Old Cheese Factory in Balingup.
  • Donnybrook big apple.
  • Big bobtail Kalamunda

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  1. Should we expect another update once you visited all on your wish list? These big things really look fun especially for kids, thanks for sharing this fun and enjoyable adventure Rob and Clare. Safe travels!

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