Western Australia is renowned for its abundance of spectacular wildflower displays during Spring. If you know where to go, there are some amazing tours of surrounding WA areas, that you can go to see them covering fields in amazing colours. Different regions of WA have a different range of wildflower types, and the best time to see them is in August to November, with October being the peak time. Even close to Perth you can still get to sample some amazing displays of wildflowers.

Clare and Wildflowers

Each year we make sure we don’t miss visiting Kings Park for the annual spring festival. There are thousands of flowering specimens, planted in rows of flower beds. Take a short walk into the bush that makes up most of Kings Park and you will also see them growing wildly.

Kings Park wildflower festival

We recently stayed a few days in the bush at Manjedal Activity Centre, near Jarrahdale, and although there were no fields of flowers everywhere, just walking along the trails it was very easy to find a large variety of wildflowers around. With our camera, which has a good macro lens for close up photography, we were able to get this collection of beautiful images of the vastly different colours of local wildflowers.

Wildflowers of Western Australia 3
Wildflowers of Western Australia 1

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