Not all of our blogs are written by the adults of this family. Here is a message by Jetson back to his school teacher about some of the things he had seen in the Northern Territory.

Crocodile Safety Sign
Be Crocwise

Hi Mrs Burton and room 22

I saw lots of crocodiles mostly on the jumping crocodile tour but also saw a few on the houseboat.

Crocodiles are sorted into two categories, freshwater crocodiles and saltwater crocodiles. Salties can grow over 5m and freshies are much smaller. Females stop growing at a younger age than males. So males would be larger than females. We saw one of the largest crocodiles, called sweetheart, stuffed at the Darwin museum. It was 5m long. Crocodiles can live up to 100 years old.

Scary Jumping Crocodile
Ready to Jump

On the jumping crocodile tour, the guy that was doing the tour had a long stick with a piece of meat on the end and was hanging it out over the water. Some crocodiles came and did some massive jumps to get to the meat. It was very cool.

We went on a houseboat and saw some crocodiles swimming around in the water lazily. One was sitting on the bank and we got up very close to it and took some pictures.

From Jetson

Jetson and the Crocodile

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