Bali Turning Western

We no longer live in Bali, but our extended time spent there has given us a perspective from both the point of view of a tourist and of the locals. Bali is in transition. Although it is undoubtedly a third-world country, the influx of tourism is slowly westernising the island, and it is turning first-world. […]

Babi Guling: Nose to Tail Eating

Babi Guling is a Balinese institution. The word is Indonesian and the literal translation is ‘Rolling Pig’. Otherwise called Roast Pig or Suckling Pig.  The word being Indonesian is unusual as most of Indonesia is Muslim and they don’t eat pork! So this delicacy is only found in Bali (and a couple of other small non-Muslim areas). It is a must […]

Places To Play Outdoors in Ubud

During the last six months we have found some good child friendly places to eat in Ubud, but finding a range of playgrounds to entertain the kids has not been as easy. Flat land is obviously too valuable for the Balinese to create playgrounds like we are used to in Australia, either the land has been used […]