Essential Health and Safety Tips for Travel in Bali with Kids

A short travel time from Australia, affordable accommodation and a huge variety of activities are just three reasons why Bali is an excellent choice for a family holiday. Stories of exploring ancient temples, hanging out with wild monkeys and elephants, and meeting friendly Balinese locals are tales the kids will tell for years. However, for […]

Bali Turning Western

We no longer live in Bali, but our extended time spent there has given us a perspective from both the point of view of a tourist and of the locals. Bali is in transition. Although it is undoubtedly a third-world country, the influx of tourism is slowly westernising the island, and it is turning first-world. […]

Please Support Sjaki-Tati-Us

Sjaki-Tari-Us is an education program for special needs children, particularly mentally disabled children, based in Bali. One of their main projects is the Sjaki-Tari-Us school and restaurant is hidden in the corner of the Ubud soccer field, just along from Tutmak, and the CP Lounge. You can support their projects by eating here. There is a nice […]

Cooling Off At Water Fun Parks In Bali

In Bali the weather provides a super hot and humid environment, the perfect excuse for cooling off at a fun water park.  The island of Bali does provide many options in this genre to choose from. So after you have spent adequate time at the beach and in the hotel pool, it is time to explore some of the fun […]