Australia is well known for its big things, larger than life objects scattered across the country, and the Northern Territory has its fair share of them. Here are images of those that we have visited. You gotta collect them all! Also, check out our full list of Australian Big Things.

[updated in September 2021 with the addition of the jumping crocodiles]

The Big Jumping Crocodile, Adelaide River

Big Jumping Croc Adelaide River

This Big Happy Jumping Crocodile is not far from the boxing crocodile. It is aptly placed outside the Original Jumping Crocodile Adelaide River Cruises.

The Big NT Stubbie, Larrimah

Big NT Draft Beer Bottle Larrimah

I knew the NT stubbie bottles were big, but not this big. You will find this big thing in the town of Larrimah, on the Stuart Highway in the middle of the Northern Territory.

The Big XXXX Can, Kulgera

Big XXXX Gold Lager

A large xxxx can in the middle of the NT, outside the Kulgera Roadhouse Motel. Does anyone drink this anymore?

The Big Anmatyerr Man, Aileron

Aileron Big Man

The imposing Anmatyerr Man stands on the hill behind the Aileron Roadhouse, on the Stuart Hwy just north of Alice Springs, Northern Territory. There is a big woman and child statue is here too.

The Big Boxing Crocodile, Humpty Doo

Big Boxing Croc Humpty Doo

The boxing crocodile welcomes you to the amusingly named town of Humpty Doo, located on the road to Kakadu from Darwin. It is telling the tourists don’t be scared of crocodiles, they just want to have fun.

The Big Buffalo, Darwin

Big Buffalo at Winnellie

The Big Buffalo in Darwin sits forlornly in a car yard in the suburb of Winnellie. You might see it as you drive past along the busy road, situated among the cars at Travans Cars and Commercials.

The Big Aboriginal Woman and Child, Aileron

Aileron Big Woman

This big statue of an Aboriginal woman and child and perentie lizard is in the same small town of Aileron, where the big Aileron man statue stands on the hill overlooking the town.

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