Our World Top-10 Lists: Unusual and Varied Transport Modes

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This list is our own personal top list based on what we have seen and experienced in our travels. There have been so many good ones that we could not limit this list to just 10. We have included all the different ones that we can think of. (updated 2020)

1. Inner Tube

Having a beer while floating down a river in Laos

Tubing along the river in Vang Vieng, Laos is the best way to go. The weather is warm, the beer cold, and everyone is having a great time. [Update: probably not a great idea, a risky idea with too many injuries]

2. Cycle Rickshaw

Clare Rickshaw Ride

Cycle rickshaw in Vietnam. Also in India.

3. Elephant


Riding an elephant in Laos. We were taken through the jungle to a river, and then the elephant thought it would be fun to tip us off into the water. Maybe not totally safe, but heaps of fun.

4. Gondola

Family Gondala Ride

Family Gondola Ride in Venice, Italy.

5. Walking

Rob and a bag

Walking, everywhere, sometimes up a big hill.

6. Tuk-Tuk

Driving a tuk tuk in Galle Sri Lanka
Casper driving a tuk tuk in Galle Sri Lanka

Tuk-Tuks throughout South-East Asia

7. Trains

Ella Train Station

Trains, particularly the underground systems of New York, Mexico City, New Dehli and London and the overnighters in India

8. Cycling

Cycling in Bali
A family cycle trip in Bali

We have had some amazing cycle rides. The family bike ride around Ubud is one fo the highlights.

9. Traditional Boat

amed sunset

10. Family Quad-Cycle

riders on sulky cycle

Riding a cycle built for the family in Monterey California


Ferry in the Mediterranean. Also small wooden Ferry boat to the Island of Ometepe in Nicaragua.    

Taxi in Cairo and Mumbai


Jet Boat from Cambodia to Laos. Also a jetboat in Belize.    

Monorail in Las Vegas


Rowboat in Slovenia


Planes to get from country to country    

Pedal Boat in Jaisalmer, India  

Camel in the desert from Jaisalmer    

Chairlift, Mexico    

Chair carry in India  

Overnight Train

Ox and Cart, India  

Melbourne Tram

Trams in Melbourne


Cable Car in San Franciso    

Donkey and Cart, India    

Laos Truck Taxi


Mopeds in Thailand

Sailing the Caribbean in Belize

Riding on the back of a truck in Guatemala.

Buses – Buses in Central America, Turkey and India. Sleeper bus in India

Horse. Horse ride around the Great Pyramids of Egypt

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