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This list is our own personal top ten tours based on what we have seen and experienced in our travels.

1. Cave at Semuk Champey, Guatemala

We were led by candlelight through the underground cave system by a young guy who probably did not know what to do in an emergency. This was an example of us doing something not quite safe, which we would have had second thoughts about doing it back home. In fact, they probably would not have even allowed this sort of thing back home.

2. Alcatraz, San Francisco

You are provided with an excellent Audio tour as you explore this old prison, including description of life in the prison by some of the old inmates.

3. Bizarre Bath Tour around Bath, England

A comedian and magician led us on an entertaining tour of this old English town.

4. Grand Central Station, NY USA
5. Scallywags Tour, San Francisco
6. Rockefeller Center Self Guided Tour
7. Harlem Gospel Tour, Harlem New York, USA
8. Murals of San Francisco, USA
9. Hurst Castle, California, USA
10. Silver Mine, Zacetacas

This makes it on our favourite list mainly as the tour was conducted in Spanish, which we knew little of, so we had to try and work out ourselves what the tour guide was talking about.

* just missing out on the top 10 are: ??

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