A typical meal in Honduras, unlike the rest of Central America, often does not include rice, even at breakfast. A typical breakfast tended to be refried beans (instead of whole beans mixed with rice like further south in Central America), eggs as you like, very salty fetta-like cheese, and usually cream. There is more yoghurt available in shops and restaurants and is often served with granola and fruit. Cereal is very limited and is served with hot milk. Main meals are often served with pickled vegetables, carrot, onion and jalapenos. Coriander (cilantro) is also commonly used in dishes.

Meal in Honduras

These food notes from Honduras were made during a week-long trip to the country in March 2005. These are just our food experiences and you may have a totally different experience depending on your budget, where you travel and where you eat.

Rapi Pollo Stand

Some Honduran Dishes & Drinks

Chimole – is a tomato, chili and coriander salsa, often served with main meals.

Papusa – a medium-sized corn meal flatbread stuffed with cheese and refried beans then cooked on a hot plate. This was originally an El Salvadorian dish which has been adapted by the Hondurans.

Whats this?

Tamale – corn meal flat bread stuffed with a variety of fillings, then boiled in the husk of a corn.

Tacos – small corn tortillas rolled with a filling and fried, served with salad and salsa on top.

Tiste – a corn and chocolate drink mixed with milk or water. A very interesting flavour, though we much preferred it with the milk as a mixer.

Tomato seller

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