Our Top-10 Australian Big Things

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Australia is well known for its big things scattered across the country. We often go out of our way to find them when we are out on the road. Here are our top-10 favourite “big things” that we have come across in our travels around Australia. There are so many, we could not restrict it to just our top 10, so we have also listed ALL the Australian Big Things we have had the pleasure of seeing first hand. Also, check out our list of Top-10 World Big Things.

The Big Galah

Big Gallah

Situated halfway across the country, the Big Galah is located in Kimba, South Australia. It is one of our favourites as it is so pretty, and as when you get to Kimba it is usually a significant milestone on our journey across Australia. There is not much else to see or do in Kimba, creating this big bird was one of the best things the town could have done.

The Big Lobster

The big lobster is a 17-metre high fibreglass and steel sculpture in Kingston, South Australia, it’s really cool. It is known to locals as Larry the Lobster. The idea that you could buy it for yourself was very appealing, I wonder if anyone bought it.

The Big Oyster

The big oyster is situated out the front of the Oyster Barn, on the western end of Ceduna town in South Australia. The Big Oyster was originally built as a float for Ceduna’s annual Oysterfest. We love that you can stand inside of it for a great photo opportunity, like a pearl in the oyster.

The Big Kangaroo

Big Red Kangaroo

Out near the SA/WA border, you will see plenty of dead kangaroos by the side of the road, but nothing as big as this. So do you stop at this or drive a few km down the road for the Big Whale at Eucla? It’s a hub for the big thing enthusiast.

The Big Oyster

The big oyster in Taree, NSW is unusually placed on the roof of a car dealership. We love how this has been used as office space.

The Big Merino

Goulburn, NSW. This is the most well known of several big sheep around the country.

The Big Bench

Great views when sitting on the large bench seat in Broken Hill, NSW, over looking the town.

The Big Whale

A whale by the side of the road in Eucla may seem out of place here, but a short drive will get you to the coast for some whale watching.

The Big Captain Cook

the Big Captain Cook in Cairns Queensland

On the outskirts of Cairns, Queensland, the great explorer once stood waving at passing drivers. Unfortunately, the statue has been sold and taken down, maybe to make a reappearance somewhere else in the future.

The Big Sundial

largest sundial

Located in Singleton NSW. When this sundial was made in 1987, it was the world’s largest, now it is just the largest in the southern hemisphere.

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    1. The “big wombat” can be found just off the Eyre Highway in Bookabie, near Penong, SA. Turn south off the highway, through a gate with two small wombats, into the Scotdesco Aboriginal community. It’s located near their main admin buildings.

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