Have you ever played the ‘would you rather’ game? It is a popular activity for our family when travelling, particularly on a long journey. We have created a travel version with 25 stimulating questions.

The would you rather game is a great conversation starter, that can potentially go on for a long time, ideal for those long road trips, on a long flight, or while sitting and waiting for your bus. It is also a great game to play with your potential travel partners, as it can reveal a lot about what to expect from them when you travel together, and whether you will be compatible travelling partners.

Drinking a beer in Sri Lanka
I’d rather be at the beach drinking a beer.

For those who do not know the game, it starts with the phrase ‘would you rather…’ then two opposing scenarios are presented, and you chose which one of the two you would rather. One person can read out the question, then each person then can say their answer, and what follows is usually an in-depth discussion about the possibilities of each option. When we play, the answer “it depends” is not usually acceptable, you have to choose one or the other!

I have created a single page of 25 travel-themed “would you rather” questions that you can download and print for your next trip. Just sign up for our newsletter, and gain access to all our free downloads.


Below are a couple of example questions and my answers, which reveals a lot about myself and my travel philosophy.

Would you rather lose all of your money or all of your photos?
Well, we have experienced both of these scenarios. We were pickpocketed of a significant amount of our cash at the start of our European holiday, and while in China I accidentally reused the same memory card in our camera, and lost all of our photos from our first week in Beijing. We survived both of these of course, but the lost photos from our visit to the Forbidden Palace in Beijing still haunt me, while the lost cash was just added to the already high expenses of that trip. So, I would much rather be losing all my money, you can always make some more, but photos are lost forever.

Would you rather buy a fancy meal at a classy restaurant or eat at a cheap and tasty local cafe?
Many of our trips have been inspired by the local food that we can try, so this is an easy choice. I would rather eat local food from a street stall any day, and it being cheap is just a bonus. You are also more likely to meet some locals and experience the local culture more by eating locally.

Would you rather travel around and see a lot of places, or stay put and get to know one place really well?
Our style of travel is to keep moving, keeping busy and experiencing one place as much as we can, then moving on to another. While there are benefits of staying put and having a good look around one place, there are also many other places that you could be checking out, so the thought of missing out drives us to keep exploring as much as we can.

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