We have finally returned to Australia. After a whole year of travelling around the world, we made it home.

sailing in Belize
Happy times sailing in Belize

Our last few months after Europe, were in India for six weeks, Thailand for two weeks and Laos and Cambodia for a week each. This was a real change from Europe. It was certainly much cheaper, but also a very different travel style. Back to rickety old buses, hotels instead of hostels, dirty streets plus religious differences.

Riding an elephant in Pai, Thailand

We were a little anxious when coming home mostly due to the unknown of our next move, a little sad to be finishing our trip, but also very pleased to come home to family and friends. The first stop in Australia was a week near Ulladulla in NSW at the beach with Rob’s family and a week in Canberra visiting friends and collecting some more things out of our storage. Then we visited my Aunty in Sydney for a couple of days before heading to Darwin for a week to catch up with friends. Finally, we arrived back in Perth by the middle of February.

family reunion

Our immediate plans are not final as yet. We are looking for work and will settle down somewhere for a while once we achieve that goal.

Goodbye, Adios, Arrivederci, Au revoir,

Clare and Rob

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