Bedugul and Candikuning, the towns located around the crater lake Bratan, are at an elevation of 1200 m, providing a cool retreat from the hot Bali climate. We passed through this area on our way back from our recent road trip but didn’t stop. It had a great feel about it, mostly the cooler air, so we wasted no time going back for a few days.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan
Ceremony at Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

The weather is perfect for growing strawberries and many other fruits and vegetables, hence their proud corn and cabbage statue in the centre of town. There is an abundance of strawberry sellers everywhere along the main road, this is their selling point. So even if you are passing through you won’t miss out.

big corn statue
The big corn at a roundabout in Candikuning

We went and picked our own strawberries, as we all know they taste better that way. Although it probably had a fraction to do with the kids begging us to take them!! Fun was had by all, and yes they were delicious.

strawberry bucket
Casper and his bucket of strawberries

With an amazing view of the valley next to the strawberry farm, Olive was super brave and happily posed with a snake. She also got to cuddle a Luwak which are the small possum-like animals that eat the most delicious coffee beans.

Bali Snake
Olive and the friendly snake

Olive had been promised a reward of going to the Bali Tree Top Adventure Park, so that was a priority stop. She had been keen to try this for a long time and confidently went climbing off on her own, high in the trees with only a short practice. There was a combination of netting walks, tight ropes, steps and ladders, plus flying fox rides. She had an absolute ball, we literally had to hold her back from going on the blue run which was above her ability. Not sure where her fear of heights got to that day?? Perhaps because it was all done very safely with a harness (so don’t worry Granny).

tree top bali
Olive in the treetop

The Tree Tops was located within the Botanic Gardens, so while Olive was occupied the rest of the family explored a little of this wonderful garden. It was ten times better than the Ubud Botanic Gardens.

cactus garden
Cactus enclosure at the Botanic Gardens

We found a great place to eat, and it certainly wasn’t the food that made it great. It had a huge and very interesting playground, with a trampoline, giant swings and slide, see-saws and more. They even had a mini zoo with birds, rabbits and porcupines. It was really well set up and maintained, unlike other places.

The best playground at a restaurant

On the final morning we went down by the lake to the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan temple. We were very fortunate to arrive just as a ceremony parade passed by for a great photo opportunity with this highly photographed temple on the lake.

temple photo
Family photo at the lakeside temple

While lakeside we took to the water on large paddle swans with ageing mechanics, making it hard work to get not very far. It was very quiet and peaceful on the water though!

swan lake
Riding swans on Lake Bratan

We had a great time enjoying the cool change in Bedugul. It is a great spot if you need a break from the southern parts of Bali.

Where we stayed:

Strawberry Hill Hotel, quaint little cottages with bunks for the kids.

Where we ate:

  • Warung Rekreasi Bedugul (great playground)
  • Cafe Teras Lempuna (highlight was the okonomiyaki)
  • Eat Drink Love (funky coffee place behind the markets)
  • Bedugul Lake View (had disappointing Ayam Taliwang)
  • Roti Bedugul (great Aussie pies)

Places we visited:

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