Top-10 List: Our Nightmare Campsites of Australia

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This list is our own personal top-ten Nightmare Campsites we have seen in our travels around Australia, mostly from our 2008 around Australia trip. We tend to find positives in most of the places we set up camp, so it was a battle to find nightmare campsites for this list, and so far we have only come up with five.

1. Ubirr NT – Attack of the Mossies

Ubirr Campsite Kakadu
Happier times at Merl campground

The Merl campground near Ubirr in Kakadu National Park – This was a nightmare campsite, not because of the camp facilities or anything like that, but because the mosquitoes were everywhere, big ones too. We had to get out of the place before they carried us away.

2. Camilla Beach, QLD – sand trap

Camilla Beach, Queensland, Australia

The free camp at Camilla Beach sounded like fun, near the beach again, but with the beach comes sand, and the campsites all had boggy sand which made it very nerve-wracking trying to find a suitable spot to set up.

3. Home Hill, QLD

Burdekin Bridge

The Home Hill Comfort Stop Rest Area was right next to the Home Hill Railway Station. It was a free camp with great facilities, so we cannot complain too much, but we were parked right next to a train line and we had to put up with noisy trains passing our window throughout the night.

4. Charters Towers, QLD

Charters Towers Queensland

At Charters Towers in Queensland, the only site we could get was right behind the toilet block

5. Wiseman’s Ferry

Wisemans Ferry, NSW
Not so wise

We did not realise until the evening that we had set up our van close to the club, which played loud music until the early hours. You probably would have heard the music wherever you set up.

What about you? Have you had any nightmare campsites in Australia?

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