Favourite Waterfalls of Australia

Our Top 10 List: Favourite Waterfalls of Australia

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This list is our own personal favourite top-ten waterfalls we have seen in our travels around Australia, many from our 2008 around Australia trip.

[updated Nov 2020 with Quinninup Falls WA]

1. Wallaman, QLD

Wallaman Falls, Queensland

Wallaman Falls is the highest single drop waterfall in Australia.

2. Milla Milla Falls, QLD

Millaa Millaa Waterfall

This waterfall is located near Millaa Millaa in the Atherton Tablelands, North Queensland, Australia. It is part of a driving route called the Waterfall Way, which covers an area with a few great waterfalls to see.

3. Horseshoe Falls Tasmania

Russell Falls Tasmania

Horseshoe Falls are in the Mt Field National Park, part of Tasmania’s World Heritage Wilderness Area, just over a 1-hr drive from Hobart.

4. Natural Arch, Springbrook National Park, QLD

Natural Arch, Springbrook NP, Queensland, Australia

The unique Natural Bridge is located in Springbrook National Park, Queensland, Australia. The water runs down a hole in the rock.

5. Fitzroy Falls, NSW

Fitzroy Falls NSW

Fitzroy Falls is located in the Southern Highlands region of New South Wales, Australia. The lookout is located at the top of the falls, and as a bonus, you get spectacular views out over the valley.

6. Mena Creek Falls, Paronella Park, QLD

Mena Creek Falls

Mena Creek Falls is located at Paronella Park, Queensland, Australia. This place was made even more special enjoying a morning breakfast after staying at Paronella Park, with the falls as the backdrop.

7. Buley Rockhole, Litchfield NP

Buley Rockholes NT - Waterfalls

Buley Rockholes in Litchfield National Park in the NT

8. Barron Falls, Barron Gorge National Park, Kuranda

Barron Gorge National Park

Barron Falls, a waterfall in Barron Gorge National Park, Kuranda, Queensland, Australia. Nestled in the tropical rainforest, this waterfall is a highlight of any Far North trip.

8. Gunlom Falls, Kakadu National Park, NT

Gunlom Falls

Gunlom Falls is located in the Kakadu National Park in the NT.

9. McKenzie Falls, Grampians, VIC

Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia.

McKenzie Falls in the Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia.

10. Quinninup Falls, WA

Quinninup Falls WA

Quinninup Falls is a winter waterfall in the south west of Western Australia, requiring about a 45-minute hike to reach it, and if you are lucky you will be there at the rare time that there is actually water flowing.

Missing out on the top 10 are: Murray Falls (QLD), Crystal Falls (Dorigo, QLD), Edith Falls NT, Florence Falls NT, Russell Falls in Mt Field National Park TAS.

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