We love to check out the street art when we travel, but right here in the streets of my home suburb of Mount Hawthorn are some amazing artworks. After a coronavirus inspired stimulus to get fitter and hit the local streets, I have discovered even more hidden pieces and was inspired to document them. I have created an interactive map so you can explore the streets and check out more details about each of the artworks. Just a simple walk down Scarborough Beach Road, with small detours, will take you past most of these. You can also open the information as a layer in Google Maps.

Art Map

Do you know of others? Let me know of any I have missed (comment below).

Photo Gallery

Recent additions (July 2021)

MHPS school mural

Added November 2020

More added Sept 2020

Here is a gallery of our favourite artworks that you can find on the map.

Art No More

There are a few creations that I have seen that have now been painted over or replaced. Here they are for historical records.

Local Designs

I have also created a design with a map of the streets of Mount Hawthorn, which you can purchase on t-shirts and many other products. Check them all out here.

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  1. Love this! Definitely going looking. (And if you love street art, Kathmandu has to be on your bucket list.)

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