This is our last trip update as we have reached the end of the road for now (see the map of our journey). This may seem a little late for some, as we have been in Perth now for a couple of months. We arrived just before Easter and in time for Olive’s second birthday. Things have been busy for us settling in, catching up with friends, and Rob also flew back to Melbourne to see his sister Alli who had a surprise visit from the US.

Crossing the Nullarbor
Crossing the Nullarbor

Perth will do us for a while, and it is great to be back with Clare’s family. We are currently house-sitting in the semi-rural southern suburbs of Perth, and will be looking for our own place to rent. Rob is working from home again, and Clare is looking to pick up a little bit of work here and there. We hope to be set up for our new baby which we are expecting in October.

We last sent out an update email at Christmas time when we were back in Melbourne, and since then we have traveled through South Australia and the south-west of Western Australia. Highlights of this part of our journey were the amazing Grampians, Robe, delightful Port Elliot, Kangaroo Island, beautiful Barossa Valley, tranquil Streaky Bay, and gorgeous Esperance. During this time Sharon (Clare’s sister) traveled with us for a fortnight, and we caught up with some friends in Adelaide and other parts. It all seems so long ago already!

kangaroo island

Thanks to those of you who found the time and interest to read our blog during our journey, we are glad others got some enjoyment out of the amazing trip we have completed. Also a special thank you to those who played host to us on our way around (there were quite a few of you) and gave us respite from life in the van. You helped make it a very memorable trip.

meelup beach in the south of WA
near the end of our trip at Meelup Beach in the south of WA

See our complete route on this map:

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