One of the great things we have discovered here in Bali is that you can get great restaurant food delivered, and one of the best that we have come across so far is “Sushi on wheels”. This is a guy that makes fresh sushi to order, then delivers it to your villa. [UPDATE: sushi on wheels has closed]

Sushi Plate
A Japanese Feast

It is truly a one person show. The chef was the same person who delivered it on his motorbike. As he placed it on the table he went through each item explaining what it was. He even threw in a few extra items. What great service!

People eat with their eyes as much as their mouths … and the presentation was impeccable, beautifully presented in lovely boxes decorated with a trimming of flowers.

We ordered quite a few things to try out. Here is the asparagus and carrot sushi roll (nori), and inside out California nori.


And below is the cucumber sushi roll, and avocado gunkan maki, Omelet gunkan maki, with spicy mayonnaise on the side.


Our favourite was the Rainbow Roll below (tuna, salmon, omelet, avocado, cucumber, carrot), delicious! 

rainbow sushi
Rainbow Sushi Roll

We also had salmon, prawn and omelet nigiri (top photo, rice with fish layered on top). All plates were served with soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi, which Casper almost wolfed down before being warned.

We were also very impressed with the round box packaging made entirely of organic material, beautifully crafted. With the rubbish problem in Bali, this is a fantastic solution, plus they look great.

Bali Rubbish
The packaging was very green

All up the meal cost under $30, and there was heaps of food for the 5 of us. The quality was fantastic, it was really authentic Japanese Sushi. Interestingly there was nutrition information on the menu – the first we’ve ever seen here.

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