One of the great things about the Nyepi celebrations in Bali is the Ogoh Ogoh statues that are built in every village.  A parade of these creatures takes place on the eve of Nyepi day , which is tonight!

We took a drive around town yesterday, where last minute preparations of the statues were busily being done.  Below is a sample of what we found.

The following two Ogoh Ogoh are being built in central Ubud, which will be the centre of the parade celebrations tonight.

IMG_20140328_174840 IMG_20140328_174856

There are some pretty scary dudes

P1150142 P1150139 P1150137

Some of them are obviously female, I think?


Creativity going wild.

ogoh1 ogoh2 ogoh3 ogoh4 ogoh5 ogoh6

This is one of our favourites, the seven headed demon.

P1150133 P1150134

In Nyuh Kuning, just south of the Monkey Forest, they have included some monkeys in the design.P1150148


We also have our own demons …


We also found this image of an Ogoh Ogoh from ten years ago when we first came to Bali.

Rob and an old ogoh ogoh
Rob in 2002, some things have not changed

We can’t wait till tonight.  We are staying in our village of Lodtunduh and will join the procession around here. We will blog with all the details.

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