We are itching to get travelling again. Last year we did not do too bad considering what was going on around us. We have collated our travel highlights from last year, some pretty cool memories we think. We hope that this coming year is full of such highlights too. There is a big trip on the horizon, details coming soon. With the coronavirus still lingering, planning ahead for holidays now is challenging. It is difficult to know what will be happening tomorrow, let alone the next school holidays. You can’t organise too much, as plans may have to change at the drop of a hat. Being very aware of any refund details and the fine print of insurance policies are as important as ever. 

In this pandemic world, and soon to be post-pandemic world, travellers need to be ready to make last-minute decisions. That is how we’ve always liked to travel anyway, we have never been ones to book too far ahead. We start by doing lots of research and have a general plan, and with all the information at hand, are ready to make snap decisions and book when the opportunity arises. We do have some plans, now we’re just waiting for the right opportunity!

Penong Windmill Museum

On your next road trip, be ready to quickly pull over or change direction, you may find something amazing that was never part of your plan, like the fascinating Penong Windmill Museum, a surprise stopover on our way across the Nullarbor last year. We liked it so much we dropped in on the return trip. Being free entry also made it more appealing!  

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“No place is ever as bad as they tell you it’s going to be”

– Chuck Thompson

Flashback Photo!

Bamboo Rafting
A brilliant way to experience the karst mountains of southern China, slowing drifting along on a bamboo raft near Yangshuo.

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