Esperance, on the south coast of Western Australia, has some of the best beaches in Australia. But what do you do if it is too cold to go to the beach? Here are our top-10 ideas for things to do in Esperance on a cold day.

beaches near Esperance, Western Australia
Coffee Break at an Esperance Beach Lookout
  1. Visit Beach Lookouts – if you can’t swim, you can still look out at some of the amazing beaches. It is the white sand and the blue water that make these beaches so beautiful, so you can still appreciate their beauty on a cold day. The cold Southern Ocean water off Esperance is rather refreshing all year round, so swimming is not always an appealing option anyway, especially if its windy.
  2. Scenic Helicopter Flight – the flight itself would be loads of fun, though the highlight of the journey is to view the striking pink lake (aka Lake Hillier) from above (this is different from the actual Pink Lake near town which has not been pink for many years!).
  3. Cruise to Woody Island – a cruise out to this picture perfect island is a fabulous getaway for families wanting to get closer to nature. You can see seals swimming and resting on the rocks, as well as an abundance of birdlife.
  4. Visit a Glass gallery – drop into the award-winning Cindy Poole Glass Gallery to browse her beautiful contemporary works. You can also see her most well-known work, the Esperance Whale Tail Sculpture on the foreshore, which is very striking.
  5. Play Mini-Golf – have a hit in the colourful, fun and friendly Esperance Mini Golf, which is all indoors if the weather is unpleasant.
  6. Take a Surrey Ride – take a ride on the Jolly Jallopy, a 4-wheel family cycle which can be hired from the mini-golf. This activity is sure to warm you up.
  7. Lucky Bay Brewery – A great selection of locally made craft bears, with plenty of food items so you can spend an afternoon inside.
  8. Stonehenge Replica – It is a full-size replica of the original Stonehenge in the UK, made using slabs of Esperance Pink Granite. The stones are visible from the road, but for the best experience, pay the fee and explore the stones up close.
  9. Climb Frenchman’s Peak – the 262m high hill beckons you from all parts of Cape Le Grand National Park. It takes around one hour to climb Frenchman’s Peak, though the trial is steep and scrambly at times so is challenging for those not physically capable. At the top you will be rewarded with amazing views of the surrounding National Park.
  10. Drive the Great Ocean Drive – this 38km tourist drive starts from the town centre, mostly following the coast showcasing some of the region’s stunning coastal scenery.
Frenchman's Peak at Cape Le Grand National Park
We conquered Frenchman’s Peak in 2008

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