Bali Creative Reuse Center in Ubud
Reuse Recycle

There is a fantastic ‘Bali Creative Reuse Center’ in Ubud on Jalan Bisma. It is next to an early childhood centre called The Spring, and has many colourful flags out the front for easy spotting. If driving though it is a long way down Bisma.

There is a small entry to a small space, where there is a huge array of recycled material from straw, can and bottles to fabric, ribbons and button to  paper and cardboard! It is colourful and appealing and is every kid’s heaven. Well ours anyway. We spent hours here playing, creating, glueing, cutting and making loads of stuff. In fact I think if we didn’t need to eat we could have stayed all day!

Bali Creative Reuse Center in Ubud
The entrance to the Bali Creative Reuse Center in Ubud.


It is open each weekday afternoon from 3-6pm (except Monday), and on weekends 10-4pm. You can drop in for a session for 50,000 rp (about $5), and you can stay and create for as long as you want. You can also sign up for a month and use it more regularly. This cost includes all materials used.

Bali Creative Reuse Center in Ubud
The staff are there to help too


The kids all had their own ideas about what they wanted to make. Casper was the most particular about the details, while Olive often got overwhelmed with all the choices. There is just so much you can create.  There are lots of examples on display of potential craft ideas, which is inspirational, although the helper who was there to assist the kids says she often gets inspired by the visitors’ ideas too!

Bali Creative Reuse Center in Ubud
Casper’s lion


There is also a shop to buy some pretty cool things all made out of recycled items. We have bought some drinking glasses made out of bottles, jewellery from recycled tyres, and bamboo straws.

Bali Creative Reuse Center in Ubud
The shop selling many items made from recycled goods


The centre happily accepts all donations of materials, so support them if you can, as they are doing a small part to prevent more rubbish going into the waterways of Bali. They also play a role in educating the locals about other uses for rubbish!


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