Everyone slept in, as we are still recovering from a tiring few days travelling. There is a great bike track along the Monterey Bay shoreline which we were keen to check out. We headed to Lover’s Point Park where we had read that you can hire surreys, which are family-sized 4 seater pedal cars. Unfortunately the outlet there was closed (we found out later that it opens only on the weekend around this time).

king of the mountain

We stayed and climbed the rocks at the point, with Jetson a very energetic climber. Otters could be seen in the water, not something we see very often. There was a nice view of the bay. It was a nice place to check out, but we needed to move further back along the coast to rent a bicycle.

Surrey in Monetrey

We hired one near Cannery Row and cycled the short distance to the Fisherman’s Wharf. Here we had a coffee and saw some chowder that we must come back for. From there we turned back along the bike track, and headed further south and reached a point close to lovers point where we started the day.

We pulled in at one spot and thought we saw a seal on the beach. In actual fact, there were about 100 seals, which were well camouflaged on the sand.

Seal beach

Casper had fun sitting on the front of the bike, his job was to wave at the people we passed. Jetson was the bell ringer. Olive stayed at the back and had a few turns pedalling, giving unfit dad an occasional break.

surrey riders

Later that evening we joined Alli at her photography exhibition. The kids ran wild, we drank wine, and we all came home exhausted!

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