Dutch Food We Tried

Eating raw herring the traditional way

We knew little of Dutch cuisine before coming to the Netherlands, except for poffertjes (mini pancakes or pannekoeken) which are regulars at Australian markets. The most simple form is served sprinkled with icing sugar and maybe cream, but where we tried them you could top them with whatever you want, ice-cream, fruit, nuts, Smarties, Nutella, […]

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Spanish Flavours

Pizza and paella in Ronda

There are many familiar Spanish foods which we were keen to try while here, though first we had to adjust to the Spanish eating habits. The most important meal of the day is lunch, a long social event with several courses, followed by siesta time to relax during the long hot afternoon. Many restaurants will close […]

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Europe Here We Come

Europe route 2017

After months of planning, the start of our three month adventure around Europe (and a little bit of Africa) is rapidly approaching. Below is a map of our planned route. It may seem a little haphazard, but we are trying to incorporate visiting friends and family, visiting places we have not been before, and to show […]

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