Spanish Flavours

Pizza and paella in Ronda

There are many familiar Spanish foods which we were keen to try while here, though first we had to adjust to the Spanish eating habits. The most important meal of the day is lunch, a long social event with several courses, followed by siesta time to relax during the long hot afternoon. Many restaurants will close […]

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La Dolce Vita

Italians love their sweets, and with three kids travelling around Italy, we had plenty of opportunity to sample many of them. Nutella Along with the Italian’s obsession with bread is also an obsession with Nutella! I know they invented it, but they really do take it to the next level, being such a passionate lot. […]

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Greek Food Experiences

Olive having a kebab

Food is such a big part of travelling, and often makes an experience in a country unforgettable. It is so much fun trying all there is to offer. The first thing we noticed in the streets around our apartment in Greece was the number of bakeries. We found them everywhere, and they provided a great source of snacks. […]

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