We were not so sure that the Easter bunny would make it all the way to Greece this year, but to the kids’ surprise, there were little chocolate eggs scattered in the garden on Easter Sunday morning.

We also partook in some Greek Easter traditions. In Greece, the children are given a large dark chocolate egg, brioche, a candle and some other goodies.

So as well as the chocolate eggs in the garden, there was brioche on the kitchen table and a large wrapped chocolate egg.

Brioche at Greek Easter time

Then we smashed eggs, another Greek Easter tradition where red-dyed boiled eggs are hit together and the person with the egg left not cracked wins and receives good luck.

There was a lot of religious ceremony going on too, which unfortunately we missed. The highlight occurs at midnight on Saturday night, a candle lighting ceremony at the church with lots of fireworks afterwards. This would have been very spectacular, however with all the travelling we are doing, staying up to midnight would have exhausted the kids.

Greek Easter

Easter this year was extra special as it was Olive’s 10th birthday too. With many tourist sites closed on Sunday, we were able to relax at our accommodation and spend some special time celebrating with Olive.

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