Our Top 10 List:

Things we couldn’t travel without

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This list is our own personal top ten based on what we have seen and experienced in our travels.


1. combination padlock combination padlock

The padlock did not just lock up our bags, it was also invaluable for locking lockers and doors in hostels, and therefore we were able to relax knowing our gear was secure.

2. pocket knife The knife was mostly used for cutting up our food for lunches on the go, but you never know when you may need one of the other tools
3. own plates and utensils We s aved a lot of money by being able to buy food from supermarkets and prepare it ourselves
4. quick dry towel While a big fluffy towel may have been nice, it would have been constantly in our bags wet and smelly, and taking up too much room.
5. silk bed-liner Vital when the sheets did not look too clean. The silk ones feel soooo good and pack away small too. A little bit of luxury when roughing it.
6. pegless clothesline peg less clothesline

This was used nearly every second day, and with the hooks on the end, in every room we could always find somewhere to hang it.

7. zip lock bags Too many uses to list
8. quick dry underwear When we didn’t have time for a full wash, we could at least have clean and dry underwear each morning
9. inflatable pillow inflatable pillow

Essential for overnight trains and buses if you wanted to get some sleep.

10. nail cleaner and file You would not believe the amount of dirt that gets under your nails in some of the dirty dusty countries.

* Just missed out: ear-plugs, sunscreen, day pack, sewing kit, pen & paper

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