Ubud the Artist Town

Ubud is well known as an artist’s community. There are a few high-class galleries that are worth a visit to see traditional Balinese and contemporary art, such as Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA), Neka Art Museum, Antonio Blanco Museum, and the Museum Puri Lukisan.

There are also plenty of art shops around town including the Ubud art markets, selling an abundance of artwork and trinkets as mass-produced tourist pieces.

However, there is another free public gallery that is often overlooked – graffiti! There is graffito around that is quite interesting, but not quite the standard of Melbourne lane ways. It is the stencil art that I particularly like. Here are some of the stencils I have captured as I’ve slowly explored my way around the town.

What? Mr Artist

What? There are a few works around by the elusive Mr Artist


the old and the new – at the Nyuh Kuning soccer field

Give us our trees back

Give us our trees back – These monkeys would agree with this piece of art


GART on Jalan Hanuman

One World Connection

This one goes well with the free wi-fi signs in all the cafes

Lisa's one world

Mr Artist at it again

same to you

If you don’t like it …


No idea what this one means – it may be art, or maybe an advertising sign

power pole

Art is everywhere. this power pole has what looks like a company name stencilled on it which I thought looked pretty cool.

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